Real Ale Festival


The Ship & Mitre is holding a Real Ale Festival to commemorate the centenary of the Titanic; with FREE entry and 75 beers to try across 5 days, you’d be mad to miss out!

Throughout the festival there will be 12 hand-pulled ales on the bar at any time, a Stillage bar with an additional 10 beers from Titanic Brewery always available. To top it off ’cellar runs’ will be available from 2pm - 5pm Wednesday to Saturday, where a member of staff will get your beer straight from the barrel if you already tried everything on the bar.

The Galley will be providing food throught the festival; with the full menu available alongside some Festival Specials, which you will find written on the specials board next to the kitchen hatch.

Keep checking the website ( for a list of what will be available for the festival, list should be ready Monday 2nd April.

Cost: FREE


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