RBESG 2012


Vienna pub crawl

Arrival: 14,30- 15,00 Lichtenthaler Brau, Lichtensteinstrasse 108 departure by bus 16:00
16:30 1516, Krugerstrasse 18 departure at 18:30 walk(2 min)
18:35 Stadtbrauerei Schwarzenberg, Schellinggasse 14 departure at 19:15 walk app. 13 min
19:30 Salm Bräu, Rennweg 8 departure at 20:15 walk app 19 min.
20:40 Wieden Bräu, Waaggasse 5 departure at 21:15 walk app 24 min
21:40 7 stern Brau, Siebensterngasse 19 23:00

We will see if we will continue to Känguruh pub, Bürgerspitalgasse 2. Next day we start at 11,00.

20.07 Bratislava

11,00 Patronsky pivovar -lunch, beers, brewery visit. They will brew for us special beer, which will be tasted in brewery during visit.

15,00 Zamocky pivovar - depending on brewmasters and/or manger presence, visit of brewery.

18,00 Bratislavsky mestiansky pivovar Drevena -beer tastings, possibly dinner, visit of brewery.

21,00 Starosloviensky Pivovar beers, possibly dinner, visit of brewery. They will brew for us special beer.

here we have to decide within couple of weeks, if we’d like to have dinner at Bratislavsky mestiansky pivovar Drevena or Starosloviensky Pivovar. What I would suggest, have something light at Drevena and have dinner at Starosloviensky Pivovar. You can taste here, some typical slovak dishes. But it’s quite late.


11,00 Bratislavsky mestiansky pivovar Dunajska - lunch, beers, brewery visit.

15,00 (or 16,00 to be decided later on) Grand tasting at Hostinec/Minipivovar Richtár Jakub - tasting, dinner, brewery visit.


I suggest that you will stay in Bratislava hotels, and Vienna trip will be as one day event. We will have rented bus, so we will be independent on transportation to Vienna.

Proposed hotel: Ibis. http://www.ibishotel.com/gb/hotel-3566-ibis-bratislava-centrum/index.shtml

Cost will be announced later.

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Cuso 6/16/2012
Steve, be sure, we will drink few(or many?) for you.
coldbrewky 6/15/2012
In spirit, hoist a few for me!
Dedollewaitor 6/5/2012
Yeah. Flights booked! Can't wait!
cubs 4/17/2012
Fuck yeah! Looking forward to it guys!

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