Beer, Bocce and My Local Boozer


I was in a charity shop a few weeks ago (Octavia Foundation, if memory serves) and I saw a nice bocce set, which I bought without hesitation. I knew right then I would need to have a beer and bocce event in the future, and this weekend seems as good a time as any.

Since pretty much no other RBian has been to my local pub - and to continue the alliterative theme - I figure we can check out The Cleveland Arms between bocce rounds or something. After folks have had their fill of sport we can adjourn to my flat for further libations.

If there isn’t enough interest to do this event on 14 April (e.g. five people or so) I will reschedule. If you need my contact details (exact address, mobile number, etc.) please shoot me a BM.

Cost: Bring beer and/or food




Scopey 4/13/2012
Actually I think it will just be me coming along now..... but still I’m looking forward to it!
Leighton 4/13/2012
Boy, things sure have changed. Lorna’s not coming, Bruce has beers, and apparently Thomas is planning to join the fun!
deeblo 4/12/2012
I stopped by Kris Wines last night and got some beers I’ve never heard of before! Will try to pick up some cheese/food too.

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