BeerandBlues2 pub crawl


This is Part I of the send off for our favorite admin, BeerandBlues2. We are hoping to start at the former Shenendoah Brewery (to be confirmed) and then start hitting pubs in the district. At some point we’ll break for a tasting at Travlr’s place while Brad eats at Obama’s table in Ben’s Chili Bowl.
This is a mobile, all-day all-night event, or until we lose Brad. Call me or Brad for our current location and join us whenever you feel like it. Beermail one of us for the number.
Once we confirm the starting location, I’ll confirm the starting time and post it here.

Cost: bring a valid credit card


beermail me


Travlr 4/13/2012
The crawl begins at 11 AM. Marshall at my place, bm me for the address. Or message/text one of us to join us enroute. Gene
BeerandBlues2 4/12/2012
Woo hoo! This is going to be fun.

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