Hatter Day @ Loganís Alley in Grand Rapids, MI


Join the crew at Loganís Alley for the kick of to Hatter Days 2012! New Holland Brewing is celebrating itís 15 th Year in brewing! Loganís will be the first bar in Grand Rapids to debut Oak Hatter, Rye Hatter, Farmhouse Hatter, Black Hatter, Mad Hatter, and White Hatter ( new in 2012)! Weíll be having a toast at 7 pm, special Hatter Day foods and Hatter Day flights!

Loganís will also be serving Hatter Royale Hopquilla ( a barley spirit twice distilled, steeped in hops) Hoparitas ( our version of a Michigan Margarita) for all those adventurous souls! Come out for a night of IPAís from a brewery gone mad!

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