Fanø Meet the Brewer


Fanø Head Brewer Ryan Witter-Merithew is heading over to brew a couple of beers with the boys at Brodies. While there we will do a meet the brewer event in their amazing pub the King William IV. Lots of great beer will be shipped over for the event which will mark the first time Fanø beer has ever been on tap in the UK.

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Forgetfu 8/20/2012
Had a great time! Thanks Ryan!
olie 8/18/2012
looking forward to this
HogTownHarry 8/14/2012
Am about 80% certain to be attending - it will be a long trek as I will be coming from South Ealing.
Scopey 7/10/2012
Nothing like drinking at 11am on a Sunday morning!
FrumptyDumpty 5/24/2012
Event starts when doors open at 11

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