Hail to The Yeast - A Beer BBQ


THIS IS A RATEBEER.COM MEETUP. We canít have 50 people show up..max probably 25. So please message AdamJackson (contact info below or via RateBeer) and Iíll invite people via Facebook so we have a running list of who is attending. Anyone that just shows up isnít guaranteed a seat at the table as Iím only buying a set amount of meat for who RSVPs. THANKS!

Beer and Bread. Two glorious and tasty products that make our lives better and we have yeast to thank for that.

*Menu Updating* (All dishes have beer in the recipe)
---- ---- ---- ----

Start time is 1PM. Food is served at 4PM. Evening weíll have a fire, board games and other fun things to do.

All are welcome to stay the night. There are 3 beds, a couch and air mattress space. Guests are encouraged to take advantage of the back yard which has space for hundreds of tents.

---- ---- ---- ----

Please BYOB. Weíll be drinking standard great beers all day and doing a beer tasting in the evening after dinner. bring great beer and all will enjoy.

If we have enough people, Iíll bring out my a Sam Adams Utopias (2007 or 2011) and perhaps one of the high ABV Brew Dog beers.

Two beers on tap. Hefeweizen & a Double IPA. If things work out, Iíll have a commercial keg from a very tasty local brewer. *Cough* itís from a brewery on a Hill.

Cost: FREE


Adam Jackson
[email protected]


AdamChandler 6/29/2012
Hereís the menu for the event - http://adam-jackson.net/beer/events-beer-bbq-on-saturday-the-30th-are-you-coming/
SrSilliGose 6/5/2012
wish i could make it, Adam. save me a keg of that hill beer :)
Lukaduke 6/5/2012
Hey Adam, Not sure if you got my BM but this is the weekend my wife and I are celebrating our 1yr Anniversary... let me know next time you fire up the BBQ and want company, it would be nice to meet some of the lame new englanders round here !
AirForceHops 5/20/2012
Adam, on Facebook you talked about this being 30 June. Was the date changed? Or is it a typo?

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