Danish Ratebeer Summer Gathering 2012 (TFODRBSG12)


The Fifth Official Danish Ratebeer Summer Gathering 2012 (TFODRBSG12)

Bring some beers for others to taste

Saturday the 18th of August @ our place in Ulfborg.

It will be a summer tasting for ratebeerians.

We will start around 13.00 which suits with trains arrivals both from north/east & south

It will be possible to sleep at our place, either on the floor or in tents.
You will have to bring your own sleeping gear. (We have a few tents and mattresses that a few of you can borrow, this is mainly an offer/help for people travelling by train or plane.)

3½ km from our place there is a camp site, Rejkjær Camping, where it also will be possible to rent holiday cabins, or put up your own tent. (Witch you also can in our garden).

- You will have to bring a couple of beers for the tasting and some cheese and crips for snacks

- We will have some sandwiches for lunch at arrival.

- In the evenning we will do a barbeque, it is on a Dutch party basis, we will do the shopping and we all share the costs.

- Max 13 participant, so please sign in ASAP to make sure you can come to the tasting.

Form to put beers you will bring to TFODRBSG12

Spreadsheet to see what beers will be on @ TFODRBSG12

Cost: aprox. 200 Dkr


Jan Bolvig


Dedollewaitor 8/10/2012
Ja. Glæder mig enormt!
yngwie 8/8/2012
Plovmand 6/20/2012
Hvor blev Christian af?
hallinghansen 6/20/2012
Hans bror flyttede et barnedåb til den dag.
Nightfall 6/6/2012
As always I have 3 places available to pick someone at Kolding or Vejle (if you are coming from Copenhagen for example by train)
Dedollewaitor 5/26/2012
JogC og RB DK Styrer!

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