Hoppin Frog Tasting


10 hopping frog beers. So we go crazy for these bouncy green guys, since they put a lot of yummy green flowers in their beers... Join in for some serious American craft beers!

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andrejes 6/23/2012
Tasting Hoppin’ Frog 7-7-2012. 6 bieren á 17,50 of 7 bieren inclusief maaltijd voor 35 euro. Aantal plaatsen beperkt dus schrijf je tijdig in! Ook is er de mogelijkheid om de overige Hoppin Frog bieren te proberen, we hebben er 10! Aanvang pro
Nightfall 6/5/2012
Here you go : http://www.trappistenlokaal.nl/agenda.html (use google translate) . It doesn't give much info, but it says that more details will follow
greenclansman 6/5/2012
Please let us know more. We are planing a trip over anyway and it would be nice to know more about it
Benzai 6/2/2012
Anyone has a bit more information about this??

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