2012 Bières et Saveurs de Chambly


Hours Site
Friday, August 31: 13 h to 20 h 30
Saturday, Sept. 1: 11 h to 20 h 30
Sunday, September 2: 11 h to 20 h 30
Monday, September 3: 11 am to 19 pm
Opening hours of ticket:
Ticket offices open their doors along with the site.

The ticket offices close at 19 pm Friday through Sunday and 17 am on Monday 30.

Entry costs on site (cash only)

General admission:
Adults 18 and over: $ 12

Kids 17 and under: free *

* necessarily accompanied by a parent (only mother or father are considered parent) on the site.

Passport four days: $ 28

Residents of Chambly: $ 20, proof of residency required.

Passport available in advance at $ 20 - Details of dates and locations of upcoming presale ...

Package Bières et Saveurs Tour of Fort Chambly: $ 16

Price for one adult with up to 3 children under 16 years. Ticket valid until October 8, 2012.

For opening hours of Fort Chambly, visit www.parcscanada.gc.ca / fortchambly

Taxes are included in the prices shown.
ATMs are installed only within the confines of the festival.

http://www.bieresetsaveurs.com/ (french only)

mailto:[email protected]
(450) 447-2096


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