OC Beer Society Mid-Year Share: SOURS


What to do:
Go to http://bit.ly/MYS0612 to get your ticket for the discounted price of $25, then bring one or more quality sour (at least 22oz) that you are proud to share with your fellow beer geeks in attendance -Fee includes food sampler, a meal from specially crafted event menu, as well as house selected draft & bottle sample tickets. Due to limited space, passes may not be available at the door.

* Bottle List- There will be a small list of bottled sours that will be made available for cash purchase inside the hall. [added: 6/6]
** Berliner Station- Complete with traditional woodruff & raspberry syrups from Germany, this will be a unique experience for those who have never tried this beer style. [added: 6/15]
*** Surprise sour pours from the Pacific NW just confirmed! [added: 6/17]
**** Additional space has been made available for us so tickets WILL be made available at the door for $30 [added: 6/18]

More details to follow...

Cost: See Details


OC Beer Society
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