BeerNerdz Gluten Free Blind Tasting Challenge


The Challenge
More gluten free beer is hitting the market than ever before. You’ll find a variety of domestic and international options. With all these new choices it’s hard to figure out what style your palate may gravitate towards. Does it prefer blonde or dark ales? Sorghum or buckwheat? Domestic or international breweries?

A fun way to learn about what gluten free beer you prefer is to participate in the BeerNerdz Gluten Free Tasting Challenge. BeerNerdz has teamed up with Bottlecraft to provide you with six generous samplings of different gluten free beers. Your challenge, other than to have fun, will be to figure out which beer is which.

You’ll be provided with a scorecard containing brewery and beer names, ABV (% alcohol), parts per million (how much gluten is in the beer) as well as tasting notes describing color, smell, taste, and finish.

There will also be a section for you to write down your favorite station, that way when each station is unveiled your taste buds will guide you to what you prefer. It’s a great way to sample some unique gluten free beer in a fun, social setting among other gluten free enthusiasts.

Cost: $25


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