Les Bon Temps


Oh lord are we excited about this one!

We’ve been hoping to team up with one of our favorite new restaurants, Local Habit in Hillcrest, and one of our long-time favorite breweries, The Bruery up in Placentia, ever since the LOVELIKEBEER concept began. And we couldn’t be more stoked to have them collaborating on the same event! Get ready for a wild night of music, art, and amazing culinary creations from Chef Nick Brune, pairing Creole-themed vegan cuisine with world famous brews from the genius of Patrick Rue of the Bruery!

Here are the details:LOVELIKEBEER presents “Les Bon Temps”
Vegan Creole Cuisine Paired with Craft Beers from The Bruery
August 9th, 2012
4:30 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Local Habit
3827 5th Avenue, Hillcrest

Why "Les Bon Temps"?

Well, we’ve learned from the dudes over at Local Habit that "Les Bon Temps Roule", French for “Let The Good Times Roll” is often used as a slang term in Louisiana referring to a party. What better title for a POP-UP Louisiana and Creole themed Vegan Food and Beer Party! We abbreviated it a bit to fit tastefully on a flier and also to help one of LOVELIKEBEER’s founders to pronounce it a little easier (the other half of LOVELIKEBEER speaks French!) and there you have it!

We’re paying homage to our original Vegan Beer Night concept as well: No Cover, No Prix Fixe Menu, Communal Seating, with plenty of food, space, and fun for all. We’re expecting some of the wildest pairings we’ve served up to date, so make sure you get to this one-night only event!. As always, try and get there early, especially since we may have a few giveaways up our sleeves for the first to join us!


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