Green Flash Brewing Co.


On Tuesday, July 10, we’ll all be California Dreamin’ as we showcase the lineup of beers from Green Flash Brewing Co.

We’ll be pouring at least a dozen of of Green Flash’s beers, some of which are rarely, if ever, available in NYC, including:

Trippel Ale
Le Freak Ale
30th Street Pale Ale
Linchpin IPA
East Village Pilsner
Retro XPA
Imperial IPA
Double Stout Black Ale
West Coast IPA
Hop Head Red
Saison Diego
Palate Wrecker Hamilton’s Ale

As with all our events, we’ll have these beers as long as they last; some will be gone in hours, while others will be available all week.

We host events such as this every Tuesday night.


Marianne Fitzpatrick
[email protected]


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