The Craft Beer Social Club - Beer Tasting Festival - London


Join our beer tasting club to Explore, Drink and Love British beer!

The Craft Beer Social Club meets on the Last Weekend of every month at a fully seated venue with a beautiful outdoor terrace in Central London.

Our events are like mini beer festivals where you can try 15 British beers (third of a pint samples) from an extensive menu including real ales, craft beer and craft lagers. Plus, they are sourced from all over Britain, so there’ll be gems you won’t find at your typical London pub!

Join us for a fun weekend afternoon or evening out with friends and whilst sipping on your splendid British beer, you can chill out on the terrace and soak in the sun (if there is any!), or play pool, foosball or table tennis in our leisure area, or if you prefer, just hang out with fellow beer lovers and enthusiasts, have a luagh and indulge in some beautiful beer tasting.

There are also tasting notes and information available from our friendly beer experts so you can learn more about your favourite tipple! All this makes for an amazing day out at brilliant value for just £24!

Visit our website for more information about the event, the beers we choose and to book.

Cost: £24

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