Great Canadian Beer Festival


Tickets will be available online only July 21, 2012 at 9 a.m. Pacific

"The Great Canadian Beer Festival has become one of the worlds’ must-attend beer events. People from all over the globe seek out Victoria and the GCBF every year; we get brewers from Australia, volunteers from England and beer lovers from all over. Our little annual beer festival first held in 1993 has blossomed into a truly international event.

The GCBF is held each year on the first weekend after Labour Day with over 55 craft breweries from across Canada and the USA and more than 8,000 happy people coming together in the beautiful city of Victoria to celebrate the diversity of the brewers’ craft.

As always, we will feature non-stop entertainment by local acts and once again there will be a fantastic selection of food offered by local restaurants and caterers."

Cost: Fri: $33.60; Sat: $39.20

250 383-2332


WheatKing 9/7/2012
That's too bad. I know their mandate is to help local companies but there's no way I can support them if they're willingly being obstructionist. If it becomes privatized we'll hopefully see an import selection on par with Alberta.
frink 9/7/2012
Well that’s awesome. Dontcha just love the LDB? [email protected]!
CapFlu 9/7/2012
Actually, the US Consulate was wrongfully exploiting a "charitable designation" loop-hole that allowed it to bring in alcohol. The GCBF org itself is NOT a charity, but the event did send a lot of proceeds to local charities. After many years of

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