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• Exclusive exquisite four course feast paired with specially selected British craft beer
• Beers presented by Head Brewer of Beavertown Brewery, Logan Plant
• Learn about local London beer
• Tasting notes and information pack available

Despite the rubbish British weather, we are looking onwards and upwards to what we hope will be a beautiful August where we can combine two of our favourite things: BBQ and beer.

Too scrumptious a meal that reading the menu makes our mouths water, we cannot wait for the culinary delights to be provided by one of our favourites new places to open this year Duke’s Brew and Que in Dalston.

We have a wonderfully diverse list of beers specially selected and lovingly matched with this exclusively created fabulous four course feast.

Not only will you gorge of delicious scran, but you’ll learn something too! The BBQ includes meeting one of London’s newest brewers who will provide an introduction to the beers he has brewed (of which two are matched with your meal).

Our hearts are heavy with anticipation. All we need now is a quiet word with him upstairs to ensure we have the perfect BBQ weather to dine out on Duke’s sun-trapped patio.

• Goat Cheese Crouquet with Fields Greens paired with Dark Star American Pale Ale
• Sweet, Spicy Miso Cod paired with Beavertown 8-Ball IPA
• Succulent Smoked Beef Ribs paired with Beavertown Smog Rocket Porter
• Chocolate Brownie with Candied Espresso Beans and Caramel Ice Cream paired with Kernel India Pale Ale Black

Head Brewer of Beavertown Brewery, Logan Plant, will be available for questions and insight behind the making of their beers

Cost: £46.60 per person!events/c1zpv

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