The beers represented at Beervana are carefully selected by our Festival Director to give visitors a broad selection of styles and well and lesser-known brews to sample. We aim to promote as many breweries as possible, however we also have a finite number of taps available, which is why you might not find a beer that you really want to try at the event.

We might also run out of some beers. We purchase a set quantity of each beer based on our estimates of total sampling over the festival. For a variety of reasons, some beers will appeal to people more than others meaning these beers may run out. If you are coming to taste certain beers, we recommend you come to a Friday session, or sample these choices early during the session you attend.

There are ten Beervana Bars, including six regional bars (The North, Central, Wellington, Top of the South, Canterbury and Southern) plus an Australia bar, Cider bar, Real Ale bar, and Festive Brew bar. Each regional bar is home to the breweries from that region. There’s a handy index and a floor plan at the back of your programme which you can use to find any particular beer you might be looking for.

Looking for something special? Then head to the Festive Brew bar. Every year the Brew NZ awards opens a Festive Brew category. The 2012 theme is “Let’s go…Fruit & Veg”. The Festive Brews are available to the public exclusively at Beervana.

Martin Bosley joins us again this year as Beervana’s Culinary Director and is working with some of Wellington’s best restaurants to create another great beer-focused festival menu. The Beervana Menu will be announced in June.

Beer, cider and non-alcoholic drinks are priced as follows:

Beer or cider under 6.5% ABV: 75ml taster: 1 token ($2) / 250ml serve: 3 tokens ($6)

Beer or cider over 6.5% ABV: 75ml taster: 2 tokens ($4) / 250ml serve: 4 tokens ($8)

Non-alcoholic drinks = 2 tokens ($4)

Food prices vary from restaurant to restaurant but all dishes are priced between $4 and $10.

Cost: General Admission $40

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