You may remember last year we took part in the first ever International IPA Day, a chance for people the world over to celebrate one of the most revered & beloved beer styles and use all the powers of social media to spread the love.

Well we thought it was all just great, so we’re taking part again this year.

International IPA day falls on the first Thursday (2nd) in August and we’ve got a lineup to be proud of. Whilst we haven’t quite confirmed all of the beers we can tell you we’ve already ordered or... had delivered a huge selection of cask, keg and bottle from breweries including ...

Summer Wine
Tyne Bank
The Kernel
Odell (Colorado)
Sierra Nevada (California)
Brew Fist (Italy)
Bitches Brewing (Grove Inn, Huddersfield)
Magic Rock
& more

If you we’re here for last years event you’ll know why we’re overly excited about doing it again this time around.

More info to follow but in the meantime here’s the crack from the IPA Day Website

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"International IPA Day was announced last July and held on August 4th. The founders were directly inspired by the wine industry celebrating individual varietals on a specific day through the use of social media. The use of the hashtag #IPADay by twitter users allowed for a heightened awareness of the event which led to localized celebrations, discounts and specials at certain restaurants, bars and breweries. Fans of IPA were encouraged to participate by sharing photos, videos, tasting notes and recipes via Blogs, YouTube, Foursquare, Yelp and any other social media resource. Further publicity was made possible by Host Breweries, Social Media Sponsors and Featured Bloggers.

Co-founder Ashley Routson describes the event as the 1st International Celebration of Craft Beer, and that the India Pale Ale was chosen as the first style due to its popularity and uniqueness, "If we were to start out with International Craft Lager Day, the excitement wouldn’t be as intense because the style is not much different from corporate lagers and not nearly as exciting as the IPA." Read the entire FAQs regarding the movement.

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2012 2nd Annual?
Of course we might be slightly biased, but we would like to see the International IPA Day take place every year on the first Thursday in August. The promotion of the IPA inherently lends exposure to the greater craft beer movement, which is the goal of Rouston, "Now that the announcement has been made, #IPADay belongs to THE WORLD- and all breweries, bars, bloggers, and beer drinkers can do with it what they please."

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