Star Wars: It’s A Tap!


Star Wars themed beer will be on special all day long for $3 or $4 a piece. Some will be quite rare and/or one of a kind that you may never have a chance to drink again. Right now this is what we’ve been able to nail down, but there may be more to come:

-Nerf Herder, English Mild/Brown Ale
-Where’s My Light Saber, Irish Stout
-Delusions Of Grandeur, IPA
-Bantha Poodoo, Bourbon Barrel Aged Way Heavy, Scotch Strong Ale
-"I’ve Got A Bad Feeling About This",Order In The Port, American Imperial Stout w/ Habaneros on cask
-Dark Forces, Baltic Porter
-Hop Vader, Black IPA

We will be doing some food specials as well, will post more about those later. And of course we will playing the movies at both bars. Hope to see some awesome Princess Leia outfits!

Cost: pay as you go ($3-$4/glas

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