"August"us Gloop


Same as always, feel free to park in my driveway if you’re the first couple cars arriving, but it is steep, set your parking brake. Everyone after that will have to find a spot on the street (up on the sidewalk, classic Pittsburgh style).

My new place is less than a mile from the old one, so your directions up until the last couple turns should be about the same. Keep in mind that St. Joseph is a one way street on the section that I’m on so if you’re coming from Brownsville to Hays, you’ll have to turn left on Penn, come down to Otillia and turn right and then right on St. Joseph.

I’ll plan on making some heavy hors d’overves type stuff, enough to call a dinner if you want. Beds are available for sleeping if necessary.

I hope this covers it all, if not, just ask in the thread or by beermail.

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cheap 8/3/2012
I want to come over just for the 'snacks' heheh

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