Lips of Faith Tap Takeover new and old


We are celebrating the release of a new Super IPA collabeeration with Alpine Brewing and New Belgium with a 15 tap takeover of Lips of faith beers of this year and a few archived ones! The West Coast New Belgium Team will be here to answer any and all questions. The Taplist is as follows: La Follie 2012, Tart Lychee, Cocoa Mole, Bier De Mars 2012, Super Cru, Grand Cru, Kick, Super IPA collab, Lost Abbey Collab, Adam’s ale, Berlinerweiss (archived), Clutch, Red Hoptober (new!), Sommersault, Ranger, and Fat Tire. Sours, IPA’s, Belgians, we’ve got it covered. Enjoy your beers along with the Bay Area Banjo band playing. We are very excited about the event and hope to see you there!

Cost: pay for the beers


kevin Olcese
[email protected]


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