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Maui Brewing Company opened its doors in 2005, and during its short existence, has made a large impact on the craft brewing industry. Founder and San Diego native, Garrett Morrero, is known for creating beer exclusively on Maui with unique ingredients found on the island. What sets Maui’s beers apart is the subtle use of adjuncts like coconut and pineapple in ways that compliment rather than overwhelm. The brewery is also recognized as being an early adopter of canning craft beer and popularizing an oft maligned, yet superior container for beer. To celebrate Maui Brewing company with several of their beers on draft including: Maka Koa Pale Ale, Freight Trains IPA, Sombrehumano Palena’ole, and more. We will also have a Hawaiian inspired dish available that consists of Hawaiian BBQ chicken, Kahlua pork with cabage, macaroni salad, two scoops of rice and gravy drizzle. The event will take place Thursday August 16th and Garrett will be in attendance. Please stop by and sample Maui’s amazing beers and some awesome Hawaiian food.

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