Barrel-Aged Human Blockhead Release


Shmaltz Brewing is thrilled to announce the third seasonal release of its award-winning Human Blockhead Imperial American bock beer, a rich and malty craft lager aged for over five months in Buffalo Trace Kentucky Bourbon barrels. Weighing in at a burly 10.83% ABV, this complex and luscious double bock emerges from the oak casks smoother and more nuanced, with layers of caramel, maple, vanilla, and a distinct note of bourbon.

To help us celebrate this limited release, we’ve teamed up with Blackbird bar for a night of craft beers and sumptuous cocktails, featuring the barrel-aged Human Blockhead along with Shmaltz’s dry-hopped Mermaid rye pilsener and Albino Python spiced white lager (made with crushed fennel seed, orange peel, and ginger), as well as two specialty beer cocktails created specifically for the event.

Blackbird bartender and beer alchemist Matt Grippo will be debuting his "Oaxacan Boardwalk" — made with Vida mezcal, Canton Ginger liqueur, and a float of the Albino Python — along with a second cocktail called "Two Shots and a Beer" combining Old Smugglers scotch whiskey with a spiced Human Blockhead syrup reduction, Fernet, and cardamaro.

In addition, Shmaltz staff will be pouring samples of the regular Human Blockhead to aid in the comparison with the barrel-aged release, and more beer cocktail recipes featuring Shmaltz’s award-winning line of beers.

Cost: Free

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