13th Egham Beer Festival


50 to 60 real ales with a focus on new and local breweries

CAMRA members £1 off admission

Beers via vouchers from behind the bar - cost at the 12th festival was £1.40 per half pint regardless of ABV

Cost: £5 incl £2 glass refund

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imdownthepub 11/3/2012
We are camping at Chertsey so will be able to visit each day, but mostly just through the afternoons. The beer list looks cracking, loads of new Breweries. Hope to catch up with you all there. We are also doing an East End crawl on the Sunday.
yespr 11/2/2012
I will go there Saturday, expect to arrive around 14-ish
cgarvieuk 11/2/2012
bah humbug, cant go :-) first i though money, but now we have friends staying. Oh enjoy Glen. Its my Favourite small fest. Its a cracker
Theydon_Bois 9/24/2012
It's a great festival and I can't think of any others where £1.40 gets you a half pint of 8% ABV beer ! Which day are you planning on? I normally hit the Thurs evening after work then have a leisurely Saturday afternoon soak up!

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