Surly Darkness Day


The 1st 800 people in line when we open the gates at noon on Saturday will get an orange wristband. If you have an orange wristband, you can purchase up to 6 bottles of Darkness. CASH ONLY – $18 each. You must buy your bottles before 6:00, if you do not, you lose your allocated bottles. NO EXCEPTIONS! You can purchase your bottles at any time between 12:00 and 6:00. There is no place to store them at the brewery.
Brooklyn Center Liquor stores have helped us out today & they are selling the beer. THEY WILL NOT SELL BOTTLES TO PEOPLE THAT ARE DRUNK!!! It’s the law for liquor stores. Please plan accordingly.

Drinking Beer:
You need a token to get a beer. Tokens are $4 each. We will be pouring beer from 12:00-5:30. Glasses are 12 ounces. Don’t be stupid – we reserve the right to kick you out if you’re being a dick (or any other reason we find). Respect the volunteers, employees and security staff.
Please take a cab home if you need to!

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JK 10/26/2012
Planning on early afternoon, if I make it.
arminjewell 10/25/2012
We'll be there around 9-9:30 Levi!
CLevar 10/24/2012
Not early enough I guess....In any case, I will be the odd looking one stealing the warmth from Levi's fire! And drinking homebrew...
TheHOFF43 10/24/2012
Planning to get there around 7 but no guarantees. Might be 8 or 9.
MatSciGuy 10/24/2012
So when are people showing up? I'll be there around 9:00 or 10:00 on Friday. My girlfriend and parents will be camping with me. We'll have a fire pit too, since it's going to be cold as balls.

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