Vegan Beer Dinner with Peak Organic


Join us for an all-vegan four-course beer pairing dinner!

Monday, October 15th at 7pm~$55
Reservations Required~ 443.535.9400

1ST Course~ paired with IPA

Toasted Pumpernickel points accompanied by smoked ‘cheddar’, chipotle red onion marmalade, and shaved peppercorn seitan

2nd Course~ paired with Fall Summit

Arugula salad with butternut squash, red cabbage, carrot and pistachios tossed in a gingered apple vinaigrette and topped with a ‘parmesan’ crisp

3rd Course~ paired with King Crimson

Grilled scallion marinated Beyond Meat ‘chicken’ with a potato terrine, toasted brussle sprouts and a king crimson pumpkin glaze.

4th Course~ paired with Hop Noir

Hop noir chocolate ‘cheesecake’ with salted almond brittle and pomegranate coulis

Cost: $55


Angle Smith
[email protected]


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