Vierde Diesters Bierfestival


The location is indeed Diest (as is evident in the festival’s name and the poster on the website ;-)). All information about the fourth Diesters Bierfestival is on the website, including place, date, times, prices, practical information, route, etc. Only the beer list hasn’t been published yet, we do that about one month in advance. Everything is in Dutch because we’re only a tiny local organisation, operating very locally. So for those of you who don’t speak Dutch, just a small breakdown of the most important information... Objectieve Bier Academie Diest (O.B.A.D.) is one of the smallest local Zythos branches, located in Diest. The festival is also one of the smallest (about 600 visitors last year, the venue only holds about 150 to 200 seats), it is a one day event only.

Did I say we’re small? ;-)

We try to bring the local people in contact with their local breweries, so we do put a healthy focus on regional breweries in all that we do (tastings, guest speakers, brewery visits, club magazine, festival), as our local breweries are all on the rather smallish side.

The beer festival is organised for the fourth time this year, the entry is free (but you have to pay for the beer, naturally...), the venue is in the cafeteria of a local school. Date: Saturday 20th October, from 13h00 to 23h00.

Apart from cheese and ham sandwiches we do not provide any food, but there is a world class chip shop nearby (though don’t eat the chips on the festival venue, the smell interferes with the beer).

Like most other clubs in our region (Aarschot, Leuven, Geel, Zaventem, Heikant,...) we do not use tasting glasses on the festival, we serve by the full bottle. However, we use lined glasses (10 cl, 15 cl, 25 cl), so when you bring a few buddies it’s easy to share a bottle amongst yourselves. That way anybody coming in company can still have smaller tasters and still not have the problem with the cloudy dregs at the end of a bottle.

Oh, and we’re small!

Cost: Free

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