Stone Smoked and Oaked


October 9th Northside Lounge will be tapping Stone Oaked Arrogant Bastard and Smoked Porter with Vanilla Bean. There is a possibility that there may be an appearance of the one that ruins you. Hhhhmmm...Wonder who that is? It’s that time of year to get into the great beers designed for the changing of the seasons. We can wash our hands clean of the light, crisp, and refreshing (is this a macro brew advert?) beers and trade ’em in for the more full bodied and wondrous beasts that carry us from fall through winter. What better way than to celebrate such an illustrious transition with Stone? C’mon, to my knowledge I believe only a small portion of Smoked Porter with Vanilla Bean were released to the state so why not kick off the fall season with some smoke and oak? Last but not least, Dennis Flynn from Stone Brewing will be on hand to hang out with us and talk up Stone’s brews. So come on out and chill with us and Dennis and welcome full bodied beers back to our palates. Hooray fall!

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