Stephen Walden’s 3rd Annual Going Away Party


Private celebration for the man, the myth, the legend that is Stephen Walden.

Besides the tastings, there will be a side workshop on answering your phone with your non-dominate hand after drinking and the best of Stephen’s YouTube videos.

We are working on setting up a WebEx for non-local attendees.

Sorry guys, the t-shirts and glass orders could not be completed in time due to the high number requested.

Cost: Beer


Stephen Walden
[email protected]


SPDickerman 10/10/2012
somebody invite me next year.
KAggie97 10/4/2012
I can't believe he's leaving us. Again. For the third year in a row.
SphinxTX 10/3/2012
Chad, thats probably because no one ever tells me the secret location.
Dixonian 10/2/2012
Hopefully I can call in from Raleigh!
mar 10/2/2012
Looking forward to this years bash!
thirdeye11 10/2/2012
One of my favorite annual events. Can't wait! The only unusual thing is, Swalden is generally not present.
Rosebud butternuts 10/2/2012
Hope this one rocks as much as the last one!!
Errl 10/2/2012
Mother of god..This sounds like a party.

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