Jewbelation 16 & Quinceañera Launch Party


Put on your prettiest-pink-party-dress and simultaneously celebrate your Sweet 16 and Quinceañera with Shmaltz Brewing Company! Our newest creation, Jewbelation Sweet 16, a robust and enormous brown ale with a dynamic labyrinth of multi-layered flavors and a complex hop blast; brewed with 16 malts, 16 hops and soaring to 16% alc., will certainly help you loosen up for that first walts -- and second beer: Jewbelation Quinceañera -- Jewbelation 15 aged for 5 months in Siembra Azul Tequila barrels (15 malts, 15 hops, 15% alc.)

Join us upstairs at Euclid Hall - one of Denver’s premier craft beer destinations - as Jewbelation 16 comes of age for the FIRST TIME NATIONALLY! Rejoice over a craft beer creation so divine you will swear it is made with 16 unicorn tears. This event also marks the first time that Jewbelation Quinceañera and Jewbelation Sweet 16 will be poured together –– you can enjoy a 4oz taste of each, along with suggested food pairings for both beers. Tell your parents they can rest assured that Shmaltz Proprietor, Jeremy Cowan will be on hand to chaperone –– and you can rest assured this event will be tastier than 16 cupcakes!

Cost: No Cover, Cash Bar


Zak Davis
[email protected]


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