An Evening with Great Divide


It’s that time of year and I’m starting to salivate for some beautifully crafted big bodied stout. So rather than mess with Sasquatch we at Northside Lounge decided to embrace the big furry fella. We teamed up with Hunterdon Brewing’s esoteric fermentation consultant and Jersey’s Great Divide rep John Hoyos to deliver some Great Divide pleasantries and, of couse, all the Yeti we could get our hands on. On October 30th come out and meet John from 6-9pm to talk Great Divide and, as his title suggests, copious amounts of beer and beer styles in general. No joke, if you want to talk beer this is the man! To celebrate Great Divide and Yeti we will be offering the following:
On Draft:
Fresh Hop IPA
Wolfgang Dopplebock
Oaked Yeti Imperial Stout
Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout (2011)
Espresso Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout (2011)

In Bottle:
Claymore Scotch Ale
Yeti Imperial Stout
22oz. Belgian Yeti Imperial Stout (2011)

Food pairings wil be offered to complement the several styles we will be offering. Who knows, we BELIEVE so much that the big guy’s little furball of a brother may show up during the course of the evening?

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