BeerNerdz/Cueva Bar San Diego Beer Week Food and Beer Pairing Dinner


The Pairing
BeerNerdz and Chef Oz at Cueva Bar are celebrating San Diego Beer Week with a Seasonal Inspired Beer Dinner. We’ve had such a great experience teaming up in the past, as well as meeting some great people, we thought why not do it again while the spotlight is on San Diego beer. This 5 course menu will showcase the talents of Chef Oz as he adds some unique twists to some delicious dishes. We’re still working on the best beers to pair with it but rest assured it will be some of San Diego’s best offerings!

1st Course
Roasted garlic, honey and wasabi queso fresco
A staple first course to our beer dinners. Made from scratch by Chef Oz.
(Free queso fresco cooking classes offered by Chef Oz if interested in learning how to make your own!)

2nd Course
Marinated lamb chops in Oz’s own chimichurri sauce. Pan seared and oven baked. Accompanied by Cajun style roasted potatoes.

3rd Course
Think you know Jambalaya? Chef Oz’s take on it includes cashews, pineapple and Mexican chorizo creating a zesty finish in every bite.

4th Course
Tres amigos beef stew
Slowly braised beef cheeks, neckbones and brisket simmered with patience to create rich and bold flavors.

5th Course
Pumpkin pie
Warm pumpkin pie that actually tastes like pumpkin! Add a scoop of ice cream and you’re all set.

*Beer to be determined

Cost: $50


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