Stone Vertical Epic Release: The Final Chapter 2.2.2 - 12.12.12


Stone Vertical Epic Release: The Final Chapter

Celebrate the end of an journey with 11 years straight of Vertical Epic Brews~l!

Here’s what your $75 ticket will get you:
* 2 Limited sessions(A & B), 5:30 -8 & 8:30-11 PM
* One 4oz sample of each Vertical Epic Ale, from 02.02.02 to 12.12.12
* 5 Course Small plate food pairings
* The opportunity to enjoy additional Vertical Epic Ale pours as well as other Stone variations that we’ll have on tap! (cash & carry)
* The opportunity to Purchase additional Vertical Epic Ale bottles ’To-Go’ (cash & carry)

Cost: FREE~!~!


Keri Kelli
[email protected]


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