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Fall has always been my favorite season with its cooler temps, colorful foliage, and fun beer events. At least it was my favorite until the northeast became a hurricane magnet. Last year it was Vermont, this year the entire tri-state area. I’ve got nothing against hurricane’s - my parents first date took place on Nantucket during Hurricane Carol. As the storm approached, my dad opened the car door for my mom, only to watch it fly out to sea, never to be heard from again. My mom was impressed with my dad’s cartoonlike strength, until the car started to head in the same direction. They ran for the cellar, where they huddled together until the storm passed. All very romantic, and it made a big impression on my mom, who also happened to be named Carol.

Hurricane stories are a lot better when they’re old and helped bring you into existence. We don’t need new stories every year. In any case, like people who live on the Gulf, we all need to develop a healthy case of amnesia, and I can’t think of anyone better to help in that regard than Rob Tod and Allagash beer. The last time Rob was in the house, I had one of the best times of my life, and I can’t remember any of it. And this year, just to make sure we all have the same forgettable experience, he’s brought some very special beers, including BAM, and BAT, a pair of collaborations with the boys at Beer Advocate. Both made with the same base beer, BAM is aged in barrels that once contained mead, while BAT spent three months in tequila barrels. Unlike you, neither beer spent any time in basements full of salt water with the power off.

So please join Rob Tod and I at the Tiger on Weds, Nov 14th, at 3pm, as we all raise a glass to...what was it again?
PS...speaking of Vermont, our annual Farm to Bar event is this Sunday, Nov 18th. I’ll be bringing down lots of meat and veggies from our favorite farms, along with some rare kegs you won’t want to miss. The beer will kick off at 3pm, and chef Tommy will put out a tasty buffet, using all those ingredients as only he can, at 5 pm. There is a suggested $10 donation for the buffet, which will go to Barnard VT’s Fable Farm in their transition to a new location. This is always a great day, made even better because a lot of our friends from the Green Mountains make the trek for some quality Tiger time. And now that we’re all part of the same hurricane zone, we have so much more to talk about...

The List:

Allagash Fluxus

Allagash Bourbon Black

Allagash Smoke & Beards

Allagash BAM

Allagash BAT

Allagash Hugh Malone

Allagash Dubbel

Allagash Four

Allagash White

Allagash Tripel

Allagash Black

Allagash Curieux

Allagash Victor

Allagash Victoria

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