Real Ale Brewing Beer Tasting & Dinner Cruise


Landry’s Seafood Presents: Real Ale Brewing Beer Tasting & Dinner Cruise along The Woodlands Waterway!
November 17th @ 6:00pm

Enjoy 5 amazing courses, each paired with the wonderfully handcrafted beers of Texas’s Hill Country!

Pumpkin Risotto stuffed Shrimp, fried to a golden perfection and served with a roasted gumbo sauce.
Paired distinctively with Real Ale’s Ocktoberfest Lager

Great Greens:
Classic Caesar Salad, tossed with house made dressing, parmesan cheese & garlic croutons
Perfectly complimented by Real Ale’s Full Moon Pale Rye Ale

Duck Empanadas filled with delectable duck, mushrooms, beets, gumbo sauce & roasted red pepper cream.
Accompanied by Real Ale’s Brewhouse Brown Ale

Blackened Redfish with Crawfish Etouffee, served with garlic steamed asparagus & dirty cajun rice.
Partnered with Real Ale’s Firemans #4 Blonde Ale

Decadent Chocolate Mousse Cake: layers of dark chocolate cake layered with milk chocolate mousse & finished with sweet whipped cream & chocolate drizzle.
Capped off with Real Ale’s Shade Grown Coffee Porter

Seating is limited and reservations are required.
Call or email us directly to make your reservations.

Cost: $75 ea (+ tax & gratuity)


Megan Bennett
[email protected]


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