Beachwood Beer & Cheese Series: Part II - Barrel Aged Beers


Beer & Cheese Part 2: Barrel Aged beers
Beachwood BBQ & Brewing - Downtown Long Beach

Historic rivals, fermented friends, classic competitors or just a perfect pair. Beer & cheese is a legacy too great to be contained by one event. That is why Beachwood BBQ has decided to create a Beer & Cheese series, in order to offer an ongoing study of this timeless duo.

Beer & Cheese Series Part 2: Barrel Aged Beers Barrel aged beers are a window into the beer geek soul for good reason. They combine a true test of the brewing craft, with a true test of the human palate and the result is a unique experience each and every time. Join us for an exploration these complex, barrel aged specialties and see how naturally they pair up with artisan cheeses.

Tilquin Gueuze
Jolly Pumpkin - Oro De Calabaza
Fifty Fifty - Eclipse Elijah Craig 12 year
Firestone Walker - Double DBA

Dulce de Bourgogne
Locatelli Romano
UnieKaas Reserve
St. Agur Blue Cheesecake

PLUS: LIVE MUSIC from our Seal Beach friends “The Traveling Bier Bellies” at 8pm


Jarred Ekstrom
[email protected]


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