Brewvival 2013


Brewvival is a joint venture and vision brought to you by COAST Brewing Company and The Charleston Beer Exchange. Now celebrating its fourth year, this is the beer festival we want to go to.

Each beer is hand-selected from our favorite breweries - local, regional, American, or otherwise - and presented in a fun outdoor environment, quite often by the folks that make it. Live music, friendly neighborhood food vendors, and the occasional speaker round out the afternoon, but beer takes the center stage. Expect a wide variety of styles and serving methods, ranging from semi-common to impossibly rare, all of which are available to ticketholders while the day’s supplies last.

We’re able to offer this incredible variety because we pay outright for all the beer appearing at the festival. Why would we do such a thing? First of all, it’s the right thing to do. As organizers, we’re half-comprised of a craft brewery, and we know what a dent beer donations can make. Secondly, it allows us to pick exactly what will be presented, resulting in the coolest possible beer list. Thirdly, breweries are a lot more keen to send reps to showcase their beer and engage with festival-goers when they’re not chasing donated kegs. In summary: we all win.

This is a celebration of craft beer’s finest and the community that surrounds it. Brewvival welcomes beer geeks, casual craft drinkers, and novices alike. It’s a festival full of exclusive beers that excludes no one. It’s a festival full of VIPs, because there are no VIPs.

We are all part of the craft beer revival. Let’s hang out.

Cost: $65

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Drake 2/23/2013
Well that was... wet. I’m not sure the grass will recover in time for Brevival 2014. My shoes seem to be intact, which is more than some people cam say.
ksurkin 2/21/2013
should be great this year! i'll be in the GBX shirt and black rain jacket!
antronnn 1/22/2013
Beer list is looking pretty good this year. Can't wait for the Evil Twin and Stillwater one offs!
Garbageman 12/7/2012
Great keynote speakers! Can't wait
KemperG 12/2/2012
Cant wait for Brewvival 2013!

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