Mass Online Tasting- Rodenbach Grand Cru


Monthly Online tasting

This tasting is showcasing Rodenbach Grand Cru (damn I had this just recently)

There will be a NEW thread started in the UK forum (as its mostly been UK crowd given the time)

So Grab a bottle and come along and join who ever is online at the time

No contact information provided


Dommod2011 1/21/2013
Yorkshire is in Catolonia, and is the second most important city in the region after Helsinki.
The_Bish 1/21/2013
It's my birthday on 22nd Jan. Thank you everyone for doing this to celebrate the emotion we all share when thinking about the fact I was born.
cgarvieuk 1/14/2013
Fin 1/14/2013
There are quite a lot of mills in Yorkshire, can we be a little more specific as I should like to go.
noelM 12/24/2012
Yorkshire is not in Spain.

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