RateBeer’s Best Of The Bay (by style)


Come taste the best consumer-selected beers by style in the Bay Area including Pliny the Younger at Anchor & Hope. Great food. Not all big beers. I’ll be there. Fantastic food. 4 x 6 oz flights. More info on pricing coming but we aim to make this very affordable. Please call NOW to reserve your flight. Some flights limited by availability.


Anchor and Hope
415 501-9100


Errl 12/10/2013
Cant wait for this!
timfoolery 2/1/2013
The suspense for pretty much every detail (except PtY) is killing me.
bytemesis 2/1/2013
I just talked to Anchor and Hope and they say that RateBeer needs a kick in the butt to provide them the details :)
joet 1/29/2013

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