"The International Beer Competition 2013"


The International Beer Competition is founded 1996 and held every year organized by The Craft Beer Association.
Participating beers should be brewed for the commercial and brewed in the world.

In this year, we are expecting to judge more than 600 beers.
The entry website will open for breweries soon.

Information for International beer judges at the IBC2013: We are opened for whom wish to judges who should be have experiance WBC and/or IBA class , if so, you may email us.

General beer lovers are not enter in this beer Competition, however you can taste and drink those beers(which are particiapted in this time) after IBC2013 finished on same date.
You can go to this ratebeer calendar "Celebrate the Goddess of Brewing for IBC2013" http://www.ratebeer.com/event/19833/celebrate-the-goddess-of-brewing-for-the-ibc2013/



Ryouji Oda
[email protected]


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