Madison County Winery - Wine and Beer Education and Appreciation Night


Join us for the last of three Wine and Beer Appreciation and Education Nights this spring at Madison County Winery. Tickets will be $30 and limited to the first 50 people per session.
J. Wilson, author of Diary of a Part-Time Monk and Wynkoop Brewing Company’s 2012 Beerdrinker of the Year will be in attendance. Come meet and greet with him to learn how he survived on nothing but beer and water for 46 days.
Your $30 entry fee will include
• a tour of the winery and brewery
• educational presentations on how wine and beer are made from beginning to end
• a sensory analysis session and samples on how to pair wine and beer with cheese, chocolate and meat
• an aroma and appreciation workshop
• a free bottle of wine or growler of beer
• 10% discount on all wine and beer purchased to go
• Meet and greet with J. Wilson
This will allow you to view and touch the products and materials used in the process. We will provide tanning, hops, yeast, grains and acids so you can get a first hand, hands on experience. After all of the presentations and tours everyone will have time to hang out and enjoy wine in our tasting room.
Tickets will be $30 and entrance will be limited to the first 50 people to get tickets. To purchase your advanced tickets call us at the winery at 641-396-2220 or contact us through our website We are available Thursday through Sunday from 11 - 5 PM.

Cost: $30


Doug Bakker
[email protected]


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