17th International Berlin Beer Festival


Friday 12.00 til 00.00
Saturday 10.00 til 00.00
Sunday 10.00 til 00.00

In 2012 there were 2000 beers from 320 breweries in 86 different countries.
There were 800,000 visitors.


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Bolagshataren 7/21/2013
And they STILL havn’t updated the ’’beer list’’ since last year...
MarcelVW 7/11/2013
Indeed a total mess. Other examples: La Trappe at the Belgischer Biergarten; Kronenburg at the Allee der internationalen Bierspezialitäten; Beck's at Platz der Bierneuheiten; Budweiser at Tschechischer Biergarten; etc. etc.... ?????
bartlebier 7/4/2013
The organisation seems a macro-dominated, indifferent mess:
"Region 7 - Belgischer Biergarten" includes Alpirsbacher, Kelpi and Moosehead; "Region 18 - Tschechischer Biergarten" includes Guinness, Kilkenny and Newcastle; "Region 12 - Biere aus dem Ländle" like Staropramen and Früh Kölsch...?
Cantabrian 7/4/2013
Phew! I thought it was only New Zealand and American beer retailers that had no knowledge whatsoever of world geography.(In answwer to Bartlebier’s comment)

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