27th Annual California Festival of Beers


The California Festival of Beers is one of the largest and oldest regional beer festivals in California. This year the Festival will continue in its tradition of unique craft beers, great food, live music, and sunshine. We will host the Festival in the Madonna Inn Meadows, a beautiful expanse of lawn nestled between parks, mountains, and hotels in San Luis Obispo. The event benefits Hospice of San Luis Obispo County, a nonprofit organization providing free services to the community since 1977.

Connoisseur Tasting - May 24th (5:30-8pm) $50.00

Grand Tasting - May 25th (11am-4pm) $75.00

VIP Pass - May 24th (5:30-8pm) and May 25th (11am-4pm) $150.00



Hospice San Luis Obispo


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