Pacific Gravity Monster Brew Day


On March 9, 2013 the Tustin Brewing Company and its Brewmaster, PG’s Jon Porter, will be hosting their 5th professional style Monster Brew.

PG Brewmaster Carl Townsend and Jon have developed a new base wort for this event. This year we are going for a spelt-based recipe with about 1/3rd spelt malt and a bit of oats. This will be a great starting point for a spelt-based wheat beer, a Farmhouse ale, Saison or Wit. For you hop heads, boost up the bitterness with your favorite American hop tea to make an awesome spelt IPA, or darken it up with chocolate malt to make a spelt porter. Or, use your imagination to make the most awesome beer ever. Each person will pitch his yeast of choice, add adjuncts to the wort, dry hop in secondary, or do nothing special to it. For some great suggestions, see Carl’s article, How do I modify my Tustin Brew #5?

Payment for the event must be done in advance. We’ll be collecting money at the February meeting, or you can drop off a check at any time at Culver City Homebrew Supply. Be sure to include your name, telephone number, and E-mail address. Your last chance to reserve your spot will be February 28th, so Jon can plan out the batch size. You cannot order wort the day of the event.

You MUST be present at the event to get your wort. No friends will be allowed to pick up wort for you! If you have paid in advance, but find you cannot attend, 24 hour notice must be given in order to obtain a refund. On event day, all monies collected will be given to Tustin Brewing. Such notice may be sent to Pacific Gravity Treasurer, Tim Bardet or Vice President, Noelle Cross.

Fermenters MUST be either plastic or stainless steel. Absolutely no glass fermenters will be allowed in the brewery due to the danger of breakage on the tile floor. You may bring small glass vessels with yeast or other additions, however. If you have a fermenter with a small neck, bring a funnel to facilitate your fill.

The event will be starting EARLY, at 6AM. If that is too early, you may show up by 12 noon and still get your pre-purchased wort. Of course, you’ll not get to take part in the actual brewing. Projected ending time will be between 1-2 PM.

Cost: $30


714 665-2337


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