Zeebra Extreme Beer Festival


PLEASE NOTE: We respect the two nation-wide minutes of silence to commemmorate our war heroes at 20:00 sharp.

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Every ticket is €25. For this you get a tasting glass, 8 tokens and a festival booklet. You can purchase extra tokens for €1.5 each.

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- We cannot allow consumption of own beverages. Everyone should be able to taste these gorgeous beers.
- No smoking inside the building.
- Drink responsibly, know your limits and keep it classy.
- Don’t drink and drive!
- We allow bottle trading, but we are NOT responsible for theft or other incidents. Respect each other and, again, stay classy.

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The village of Kapelle has two local hotels with very decent prices. Both are within walking distance of the venue. You can park your car for free in the surrounding areas, so we urge you to leave it there until you’re bright and fresh the next morning!

- De Zwaan (The Swan): http://www.hcrdezwaan.nl/contact
Can lodge up to 18 guests. Price is €30 per person per night, breakfast included. Reservations via telephone 0031-113-343610.

- De Caisson: http://www.decaisson.nl/motel.html
Can lodge up to 25/30 guests (depending on the number of extra beds available). All rooms are two-person shared rooms with the possibility of an extra bed. Price for three people is €85 (€28 per person), excluding breakfast. Reservations via telephone 0031-113-341619.

The venue is located a convenient walking distance from the Kapelle-Biezelinge train station. From there, you can easily take the train to Goes, Vlissingen, or any of the bigger surrounding towns/cities, where there are more options for hotels/B&B’s, etc.

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As we mentioned, De Vroone is located a short walking-distance from the train station. Kapelle is easily accessible via the Dutch NS railway grid and from Roosendaal for our Belgian friends, who can take the L train from Antwerp Central Station.

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We will be slowly updating our beer list over the next few months, leading up to the final event. Once we’ve secured it, you’ll hear about it. But trust us: we’re not spilling all the beans just yet. If you want to see everything we have in store for ya, make sure to drop down on May 4th.

See you there,
- The Team

Cost: €25,00

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