Villaggio della Birra 2013


The eighth edition of the Festival of Small breweries will take place on September 7th and 8th 2013. This year, the Festival breathes Europe

Amongst the sweet rolling hills of the Siennese countryside, rises the village of Bibbiano - not more than a couple of houses. It is in the direct neighbourhood of Buonconvento, in a valley that has been an ongoing inspiration for poets and painters. This year, however, it will not only be the enchanting landscape that will astonish the traveller, fortunate enough to pass by, but as much its inhabitants: brewmasters from Belgium and Italy that proudly will display their knowledge and products for him. Beerexperts and artists alike will transform the little hamlet into a lively Village of the Beer. The result will be an unforgettable trail, that will enable both the passionate as the curious, fortuitous amateur of beer to explore the traditional artisanal beers from Belgium, as well as from the vivacious Italian culture. The Village of the Beer will take place on September 7th and 8th 2013.

Here we are some of the best brewers of Europe!

After purchasing a token, one will be able to taste artisanal beers, try out dishes, based on beer, and compare one’s own impressions with those of experts in sensory workshops.... Village of the Beer is an all-round, 360° experience - meaning space for homebrewers, for a beershop, for gastronomical stalls, live music and artistic exhibitions...

From Italy
Birrificio del Ducato, Birrificio Olmaia, Loverbeer, Extraomnes, Foglie d’Erba, Barley, Toccalmatto

From Belgium
Boelens, Den Hopperd, Het Sas, Cazeau, De Ranke, Janus, Dochter Van de Korenaar, Rulles, De la Senne, Glazen Toren EN PLUS..

From Europe
Emelisse (NL), Nøgne Ø (NO), Haandbryggeriet (NO), Magic Rock (EN)

Free Entry
The best BeerFestival of Italy- 8th Edition
Saturday 7 september 2013 from 12:00 to 01:00
Sunday 8 september 2013 from 10:00 to 24:00

Where: Tnt Pub (Bibbiano.Buonconvento.Siena)

Tasting in glass: 15 cl

Tokens: 2 euros (15 cl), 4 euros (30 cl) ; Visitors must first purchase a Brassigaume glass and can then choose the different beers they wish to taste from the master brewers using tokens.
With the patronage of the Embassy of Belgium in Rome

Near Buonconvento there are a wide range of hotels available in all categories. We cannot, however, given the large number of participants, provide hosting. You must yourself book.

Baby Parking free 12h00-19h00

Bus Buonconvento-Bibbiano free from 12 to 00

Tasting Room
In the ’Village of the beer’ beer experts will also attend. The exuberant Kuaska (Lorenzo Dabove, unanimously considered the greatest guru of beer in Italy) will be the "teacher"in the Tasting Rooms and will be assisted by famous journalists.
You must book in advance, taking into account the scarcity of available seats. For more info and reservations: contact [email protected]
Public Brewing Session
Sunday 8th september, From 10h, the Homebrewers Association, invite you to the great brewering fair and propose you to experience the various steps in the really production of the beers at home

Homebrewers Meeting
Meeting of Brewers fans, organized by Mobi on Sunday, 8th September 8 at 2 pm. In addition to all of these intrepid homebrewers (who share their creations) this year will still be present professional Brewers, with the bravest can enjoy their beers in exchange for reviews, technical judgments and, above all, of valuable suggestions! An opportunity not to be missed! We expect a high participation at this meeting.

Eating at Festival
In the restaurant of the Village, you can enjoy a menu of Belgian and Italian dishes using craft beer as an ingredient. You can also buy Grill, sausages, sandwiches, regional cheeses, French fries and snacks.. all kinds of the Tuscan tradition.


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