Wroclaw Good Beer Festival


Wroclaw Good Beer Festival is a unique event, born out of passion and love for the liquor, as well as the need to share the most exquisite tastes – not only the taste of beer, but also of the dishes prepared with the use of traditional recipes, which make us remember our common Polish-Czech-German heritage.

Currently our festival is the only event of that kind organized in Poland – promoting on the large scale the original and unique tastes, though the beers are brewed exclusively by small and medium-sized breweries.

Only here, in Wroclaw, during one of the weekends in May you’ll have an opportunity to taste several hundred different beers produced by local breweries based in Poland, Czech Republic, Germany and Belgium. Among many others there are: Baltic porters, wheat beers, traditional pilsners, aromatic, strongly hopped beers of upper fermentation, various flavored beers (honeyed et al.) and many others. During the festival one can also learn how to brew beer by participating in the 10th Wroclaw Brewing Workshops. There are also beer-themed exhibitions and lectures given during the festival. Except for the beer tasting and selling, we also organize the green fair, rock and ethno-folk concerts, competitions and provide special attractions for children.

Wroclaw Good Beer Festival is the celebration of taste. We cordially invite you to celebrate with us in Wroclaw, between May 10 and 12, 2013 in the Cultural Centre “Zamek” (“The Castle”).


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