St. Kerry’s Day!


St. Kerry is the patron saint of Bartenders, Servers, Cooks, and "In the Biz" workers. Doomed to a life of working almost every St. Paddy’s day, these folks are invited to celebrate St. Kerry’s Day on the first monday after St. Paddy’s Day each year. Whether you are in the Biz, were in the Biz, or sympathize with those in the Biz, or even just want a fun day...celebrate St. Kerry’s Day!

St. Kerry’s Day...It’s better than when Tommy Panilanni came back from nam with a bronze star!

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reggiedunlop 3/18/2013
Haters gonna hate.
Lashton529 3/18/2013
St. Kerry's day? DO YOU EVEN LIFT BRO?
t0rin0 3/18/2013

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