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Beer Tasting This Wed 7pm! We have the final lineup for our beer tasting, Wed March 20th, for Colorado Craft Beer Week. We are calling it "The Colorado Road Trip" with six rounds and six breweries. First five rounds have two beers with one bonus round:
Oscar Blues: Grapefruit infused G’Night and Chard Pils.
Avery: Dry Hopped Joe’s Pils and Lilikoi.
Upslope: Belgian Pale Ale and Rye IPA.
Left Hand: Fade to Black and Twin Sisters.
Grimm Bros: 13th Door and Farmers Wild Daughter.
Crooked Stave: Brett d’Or
*Representatives and Brewers will be guest hosting!*
RSVP now for tickets. $30 each. For those that haven’t done one of our tastings, we provide complimentary tapas for the first five rounds. TICKETS ARE SELLING FAST! Please buy in advance. (Day-of tickets may be available)

Cost: $30



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